Sustainable Operations

Iona Management Services

One of the UK’s leading independent service providers within the low carbon renewables sector. Alongside other disruptive technologies, we provide operations and maintenance services on-demand to anaerobic digestion, combined heat and power (CHP) and biomass projects.

Who We Are

Iona Management Services (‘IMS’) is an affiliate of London based fund manager Iona Capital, who manage and invest in sustainable technologies. IMS is comprised of a highly skilled, responsive team who cover the entire UK, offering an arms-length plant management and maintenance service to renewable energy projects.

IMS provides a range of bespoke services from both newly built facilities to managing and maintaining existing ones, with plant sizes ranging from 0.2 MWe farm facilities to 3.5MWe commercial projects.

"By providing superior operational and maintenance expertise for low carbon energy projects, helping support businesses in their transition towards being carbon neutral."

Critical Spare Services

We operate bioenergy sites right across the country. That means we can supply you with the critical spares you need effectively and efficiently. Head to our dedicated service page for more information.

Consulting Services

Our experience in operating multiple bioenergy sites has made us experts within our field. From service-on-demand to project management support, we can help you execute on your bioenergy objectives.

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