Whitchurch Biogas

Whitchurch Biogas Ltd. (“WBL”) was formed in May 2016 and construction commenced with investment from IEILP2. WBL is an anaerobic digester situated on the outskirts of Whitchurch in north Shropshire, with a peak electrical generating capacity of 2.55MW. The site is located adjacent to Grocontinental Ltd, one of the country’s leading temperature controlled storage and logistics […]

Keithick Biogas

In 2014 IEILP invested in Keithick Biogas Limited, an AD facility developed in Coupar Angus, Perthshire by Keithick Farms Limited. The project was commissioned in winter 2014 and was the first Gas to Grid AD project operating in Scotland. Keithick Biogas works closely with Scotia Gas Networks, who in addition to being the local gas network […]

Cumbria Biogas

Iona Environmental Infrastructure LP NW acquired the Dryholme Farm AD Plant, at Silloth, Cumbria in 2016.  The facility was commissioned in 2010 with a total installed capacity of 1,800 kW. The plant is accredited under the government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme and is eligible for an RHI tariff, which is part of the government environmental programme […]

Brocklesby Biogas

Iona Environmenal Infrastructure LP2 invested in Brocklesby Biogas in July 2016. This was a joint venture with Brocklesby Ltd, a family owned recycling company. Brocklesby Ltd recycles used edible cooking oil and fatty food waste, producing biodiesel and as a by-product a liquid feedstock for anaerobic digestion plants. The project has been developed in partnership with Zebec […]