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About IMS

Iona Management Services was formed in June 2015 to provide support for Iona Capital and its investment projects across the UK. We are an arms-length management company supporting low carbon technologies at every stage, from initial investment through to supporting a plant when it is fully operational.

IMS's Purpose Statement

As an arms-length company, we strive to deliver a superior service to the Iona portfolio of shareholders and support low carbon energy projects funded by the sustainable fund manager, Iona Capital. By working with a diverse range of O&M partners throughout the UK and Europe, we are able to source and deliver high-quality parts while delivering value for our partners with minimal lead times.

Our processes underpin our fundamental belief that low carbon energy projects are one of the fastest ways consumers can embrace the necessary transition to a sustainable economy.

"By providing superior operational and maintenance expertise for low carbon energy projects, helping support businesses in their transition towards being carbon neutral."

IMS Timeline

IMS Timeline

What's our focus?

IMS also provides an on-demand service with a highly skilled and responsive service team covering the entire UK. Our in-house bespoke design and project management team work on new build and refurbishment projects and combined heat and power engines (CHPs), offering biological support and plant optimisation.

As an independent and critical spare part supplier with extensive supply chain access, IMS is well positioned within the renewable energy sector.  We specialise in supporting plant asset mapping and understanding which equipment is critical with an emphasis on performance. Our focus on delivering high performing plants helps us achieve revenues and deliver maximum value back to our shareholders and investors.

Our hands-on approach and deep domain knowledge enable the optimum management of projects. We have extensive experience of sustainable projects aligned with bio-energy and associated sub-sectors.

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