Enhancing Plant Operations

Additional Services

IMS offers a portfolio of additional services to enhance plant operations designed to maximise their returns on investment and improve their yields.

Optimising Your Assets Further

Additional Services

Project Management

We can draw upon all our experiences to provide effective cost and project management for new development or plant improvements.

Financial Management

We can provide full financial support to allow you to make informed financial decisions.

Regulatory Expertise

We work proactively with regulatory bodies such as the Environment agency and our technically competent managers can work with you to meet your regulatory obligations.

Data Collection & Reporting

Data collection and assessment of plant performance informs critical decisions on plant operation.

Alongside our comprehensive plant maintenance, management, and consultancy services IMS also offer a portfolio of additional services to enhance plant operations.  These services help optimise assets overall performances whilst also maximising their returns on investment and improving their yields.

Our additional services include cost-efficient project planning and plant financial management. We can further assist your plant with our regulatory and data collection expertise to help keep your site running in accordance with the most up to date compliance regulations.

Project Management

The majority of the plants managed by IMS have been project-managed through from development into construction and then eventual commissioning by our team. Thus IMS can draw upon existing experience to provide project management for new plant developments or existing plant improvements.

A skilled team will look at your existing plant set-up and suggest improvements to processes or equipment to ensure your plant is run in the most efficient way possible whilst optimising cost savings and reducing carbon emissions.

As an example of our success, IMS took over management of an anaerobic digestion plant in the Midlands and carried out a full assessment of the plant and all existing processes. Our team highlighted several improvements that the plant could make to achieve cost savings and make its operations more carbon efficient. As a result, IMS made changes to the pipework, operational equipment such as valves and pumps, and overall site management. The plant now benefits from significant cost savings and runs much more efficiently then prior to IMS’s takeover.

Financial Management

As part of our range of additional services, we can provide full financial support to assist you with making informed financial decisions regarding the running of your plant. Our financial management solutions include everything you’ll need to financially support your project running at optimal cost efficiency. 

Our professional finance department has a deep understanding of the low carbon renewable technology industry and processes to give you the best possible financial support for your plant. Our services include:

  • Preparation of monthly management accounts
  • Cash-flow statements and management
  • Financial budgeting
  • Complete financial reporting for presentations to company boards

Advice on power purchase agreements, energy trading, green gas certificates and full support to enable you to meet your obligations to Ofgem.

Regulatory Expertise

With there being a number of different tariffs and legislative agreements that can significantly improve the cash flow of a project, it is vital that necessary processes are put in place in order to meet the regulatory obligations set out by key governing bodies within the industry. IMS hold a proud record of remaining compliant with the requirements of any permits, licenses, and consents that are applicable for our clients’ investments. Our experts can guide you through any aspect of regulatory compliance, whether at a plant’s construction stage or within a fully operational plant where new permissions or applications are required.

Our team are highly experienced in working with the following regulatory bodies and work proactively with them to always ensure compliance: Ofgem, The Environment Agency, HSE and APHA.

IMS can further assist with transactions relating to Green Gas Certificates, working closely with public utility companies and providing support in overcoming any issues associated with gas or power connections to the National Grid.

Data Collection & Reporting

Data collection and assessment of plant performance is a critical process that allows you to make essential decisions on how to improve a plant operationally. We are experienced at understanding, presenting and reporting to a wide range of internal and external audiences, providing high level and in-depth reporting techniques which can be used to demonstrate a businesses needs.

Our data collection services include carrying out physical onsite data collection, which is critical for optimising operational performance and creating reports. We collect and report data on a daily, weekly and monthly schedule for a variety of purposes, including income, plant management and overall performance analysis of the plant.

At IMS, we are continuously looking for ways to improve and enhance our data collection and reporting processes to ensure the data recorded is of the best possible standard to allow our plant management to make informed decisions based on the results.

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