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Onsite Consulting

The vast majority of plants under IMS’s management have been fully project managed from their initial development and construction through to their commissioning by our experienced and knowledgeable team.

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Services Offered Onsite

Feedstock Management

We are in the market of feedstock procurement, acting as agents for our customers. Ranging from farm supplied energy crops to farm and food waste, we can source and assess the quality of feedstocks to optimise plant performance and advise on stock holding logistics on and off site.

Digestate Management

Digestate management is key to improving the operational capacity of your plant and reducing operating costs. We review how you use your digestate how its value can be increased; and how technology can be used to achieve this. interpretation to meet your business needs.

Regulatory Support

IMS has acquired extremely in depth industry knowledge on what is required for the various different permits and licenses needed for plants to become fully operational. IMS can use their experiences in this field to ensure that plants are run as cost effectively as possible.

IMS provides a full onsite consultancy service for plants, drawing on our wealth of experience to provide costing and project management solutions. As a result, we can assess and implement positive improvements for existing plants to streamline the efficiency of their costs by making fundamental changes in areas such as site equipment, process improvements and safe systems of work.

Feedstock Management

IMS can offer a full feedstock management service. In-house, we currently operate 2600 acres of dedicated farmland where energy crops are specifically grown to meet the demanding requirements of the AD plant. In addition to growing crops in-house, we work with a range of farmers who produce crops for the AD market to support our plant’s feedstock turnover.

We use our expertise and extensive technical knowledge to advise our customers which feedstocks will provide the best efficiencies for their plant. These can range from supplied energy crops to food and farm waste. We grow, source and assess the quality of available feedstocks and act as your procurement agent at all times. IMS take all the stress out of feedstock management and will advise on stock holding requirements both on and off-site.

Regular crop inspections are carried out within our own farmlands and those of our partners to optimise harvest yields for crop production. We are also proud to have become a resource of advice and reference from our stakeholders within the farming industry.

Digestate Management

Digestate management is key to improving the operational capacity of a plant and reducing operating costs. We review how you use your digestate and how its value can be maximised. We will achieve this through a range of methods, including liaising closely with farmers and agronomists to agree on what the soil requirements are for healthy crop harvests, analyse the NPK of the digestate and, where applicable, reapply the digestate to the land. As part of our complete management process, we will always consider ways to incorporate technology to achieve an improved digestate performance.

We have a wealth of knowledge of how to maximise returns from your facility. This can be through tweaking your operating regime; making physical changes to your plant; reviewing and assessing feedstock quality; or utilising waste heat, biogas or power.

Regulatory Support















We work proactively with regulatory bodies such as the Environment Agency, Animal and Plant Health Authority and various HSE associations. Our technically competent team can work with you to obtain any permits required to operate your plant. For plants that are already operational, we can assist in obtaining any required variations to existing licenses. We have an excellent track record of ensuring that all IMS controlled plants are fully compliant with requirements for all permits, licenses and consents necessary for investors or clients.

Once ensuring that plants are fully compliant, IMS can continue to ensure that all permits and licenses remain up to date by carrying out regular audits and on site checks as well as assisting with any responses required by regulatory bodies.

We also work closely with public utility companies and can provide support in overcoming any issues associated with gas or power connections to the national grid. In addition, we are experienced in liaising with Ofgem and can guide you in making relevant applications.

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