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Operations & Maintenance

At Iona Management Services, we offer complete project management to develop, construct, refurbish and install Anaerobic Digestion plants, heating and drying systems, feed systems and CHPs.

Providing Ongoing Operational Support

Ongoing Support Services


A significant role of the company is to manage all the plants to ensure they are working efficiently, the operations brief consist of these services plus many more.


We work hard to ensure the plants are maintained to our high standards. Much of the work is preventative and reactive maintenance to keep the plants working at their optimum power.

IMS operate and maintain all plants to an exceptionally high standards. In addition to our plant project management services, we are also able to carry out and coordinate all aspects of ongoing plant operations and maintenance. IMS achieve this by appointing staff that will carry out each required maintenance task whilst keeping your plant running smoothly.

IMS will deal with any concerns that may arise rapidly to ensure any downtime is kept to a minimum. Our independent position enables us to provide unbiased support combined with access to an extensive supply chain to the latest technologies across the UK and Europe. This allows us to offer a swift and rapid response to any service or maintenance request.

IMS also operates a large UK-based warehouse and offer comprehensive service agreements tailored to your plant’s exact requirements.


We offer a complete and comprehensive service that covers all aspects of onsite operations for all IMS plants. This includes appointing and managing staff to carrying out meter readings, executing and coordinating deliveries of onsite feeds and maintaining and building relationships with third-party contractors. Our plants are run according to industry regulations set out by the EA, HSE, and APHA. Our teams have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that plants are operated in accordance with the most current regulations at all times.

The operational services our team can provide include the below:

  • Liaison with all Statutory Authorities, including Ofgem
  • Setting up of power purchase agreements
  • Managing and researching grid connections
  • Managing of plant finances and procurement
  • Energy trading
  • Plant performance reporting
  • Feeding and sourcing of feedstocks
  • Maintaining all plants
  • Managing third party contractors
  • Meeting regulatory compliance
  • Ensuring Health & Safety practices are adhered to using the company’s inhouse Health and Safety services.
  • Staff management
  • Manage site following regulations set out by the Environment Agency, Health and Safety Executive and APHA.


We work around the clock to ensure the plants are maintained to the highest possible standards. Much of the maintenance work we undertake is the daily plant management and maintenance as well as preventative and reactive maintenance to keep the plants working at their optimum level. When critical maintenance is needed, we operate a highly reactive and responsive supply chain, ensuring parts are procured quickly, so the impact on the plant is minimised.

IMS strives to continuously improve our processes by researching and implementing new technologies to improve the outputs of the plants as well as work closely with the development sector to achieve this.

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